You can build up loyalty points and earn rewards by visiting a number of shops within a city.

Real-time offers

You can receive relevant not obtrusive real-time offers straight to your smartphone whilst in the local area.

New shop discovery

Find shops that are relevant to your interests and receive great offers and incentives for visiting them and supporting your local high street.

What is Shopappily?

Using Bluetooth Beacon technology and smartphones, Shopappily provides customers with targeted offers based on their interests and location. Retailers can benefit from a footfall incentive with demographic insights into their customers. Other benefits include:

  • One small Bluetooth device per shop with no setup or complicated hardware.
  • Low cost direct advertising based on each sale.
  • Self service offer creation, and localy based online offer bulletin board.

Shopappily will transform the way you advertise to your customers. Our digital marketing platform will allow you to push targeted offers to customers at a time when they are most likely to engage with the offer.

Scan the QR code on the blue box on your tablet or smartphone device and be directed to the Shopappily advertising website, where you can sign up for the service and add your store offers instantly.

Whether your customers are at home or already on the high street, they’ll be able to view these offers via the Shoppapily advertising site or the Shopappily application as soon as they are added to the system.

Retailer Features

Local, affordable marketing for the high street retailer.

Self curated offers

We provide your shop with a online interface to create offers specific to you.

User friendly

Easy to use interface designed to be used with no training.

Impulse purchases

Messages maximise potential for impulse purchases

Customer demographics

Real-time insight into the customers that enter your store.


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