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Location-based real-time offers

Your smartphone can alert you when you are approaching a location with an iBeacon. When near an iBeacon your smartphone will be notified of offers and real-time store information that may be of interest to you.

Easy to install and maintain

iBeacons are so easy to install, being the size of a 50p coin they only take 5 minutes to install, and can last up to two years in battery life. All is needed is a wireless internet connection, a tablet and the retailer app to start sending information to your customers.

Increase foot traffic

By placing iBeacons just outside you store you can alert passers by to great offers in your shop. Providing customers with personalised and engaging in-store shopping experiences will enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits.

Purchase rewards

When a customer makes a purchase via the app notification, you are given loyalty rewards. Much like a traditional loyalty scheme, you will receive a special offer and possible discount next time you purchase from that store.

Improved customer/retailer relationship

By using our solution in your store you can enhance relationships with your customers. iBeacon’s are a perfect marketing and analytics tool allowing you to fully understand customer behaviour and overcome the issue with “showrooming.”

Sell stock quicker

By notifying customers of recent product price reductions, you can maximise promotional offers, attract customer attention and sell products quickly. Using ESL you can improve stock control allowing you to manage sales and shelf spacing more efficiently.

Free app to download

Our consumer app is free to download. All you need to do is download the app from iTunes and you will then be rewarded for walking into stores, checking out offers, and buying products. It’s so simple and a great way to save money.

Welcome To Instantview

Instantview is a pioneering technical company developing iBeacon and Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) services to promote proximity-based mobile marketing and real-time product pricing

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  • Creative business working with the leading technologies
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We are an innovative company and passionate about working with “Internet of Things” (IoT) technologies to provide our clients with excellent solutions

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